Estimated costs to attend

This assumes that you are flying from Dublin, and staying for the whole week. Note the week we chose is the 2019 mid term for schools in Ireland, so you’d have to entertain your children in any case!

All prices were correct in October 2018.

  • €496 per adult return flight Dublin Sat 26th Oct 2019 <=> San Francisco Sat 2nd Nov 2019.
  • €265 per room five nights in hotel in Mariposa county (we are paying for two nights in Yosemite).
  • €165 car rental one week from San Francisco airport.
  • €50 petrol.
  • Once off US$30 car entrance to Yosemite National park.

For a family of two adults and two children, we would estimate a minimum cost of €2,500 for the week if flying from Dublin.

As much as that is a lot of money, every non-Irish wedding we’ve attended in 2018 cost over €1,000 (and sometimes much more) for two adults and two children, and just for a three night weekend. If you run out the numbers, it is actually the same cost per night to attend a wedding in Britain as it would be to attend our wedding in California (which is just crazy, but the maths prove it’s true. Oh, and you’ll have far more fun doing a week in California in any case).

What about the rest of the week after the wedding?

Northern California has tons of stuff to fill a week with. We’ve prepared a page with suggestions here. You may even be advised to make it into a two week vacation, and get down to southern California as well, maybe return home via a flight from Los Angeles instead. We’ve prepared a second page of suggestions for southern California.

What will we be doing? We have literally no idea. We’re going to do a survey Christmas 2018 and return home with ideas and options. You’re welcome to join us in whatever we decide.