October 2019
group email

Hello! This is the final email of repetitive reminders, we promise ☺

Seven more days to go!

All Guests:

1. Arrival on Sunday

Cabin check-in starts at 4PM. Please go directly to RECEPTION upon arrival, and say you are with the Douglas wedding party. After you have dropped your car and things at your designated cabin please walk down to cabin 67 to join us for dinner (BBQ) starting at 5PM. You can come down before 5 for drinks and nibbles!

2. Accommodation has changed!

Due to some people cancelling their attendance last minute, some of the room assignments have been changed. The cabins’ reception will have the updated list when you check in, which can also be found at https://wedding.nedprod.com/accommodation/.

3. Ceremony on Monday

Leave your cabins by 10.30AM to ensure plenty of time to arrive at Sentinel Picnic Area. It is at least an hour’s drive. Niall has pinned all of the locations for the wedding weekend on a map at the bottom of the timetables page on our website (https://wedding.nedprod.com/timetable/)

PLEASE CARPOOL where possible with friends/cabin mates to minimise the number of cars parked at Sentinel Beach.

After the ceremony there is a bus tour of the valley which we have laid on for you, during which you may see us around the valley with the wedding photographer.

Weather: expected temperatures are around 20C/68F for the daytime but they will drop to 0C/32F at night. It could also be slightly rainy during the day on Monday. Essentially, make sure you have a coat with you as we can’t guarantee the daytime weather and it will definitely be cold in the evening walking back to your cabins! As mentioned in the previous email, there is a plan B for the ceremony if the weather completely fails us.

4. Tuesday

Check-out is by 10 AM and those joining us for brunch at the Wawona Hotel need to be there by 10.30.

Guests travelling from outside the US:

1. ESTAs

Hopefully by now everyone travelling outside the US has applied for their ESTA but if not please do so now!

2. Google Maps Offline

For those not wanting to pay for data roaming we strongly recommend you download offline maps of the areas of California you will be visiting to ensure you have map access whilst over there.

3. New Import Tariffs

Be aware that due to recent EU-US trade tensions, there are currently a range of 10% and 25% tariffs on goods imported into the US from Europe (and vice versa). Unless you want a nasty bill if caught by customs, don’t transport alcohol, tobacco, anything food or drink related, any new clothing or goods (remove all evidence of newness!). We think that items bought in duty free are free from import tariffs, but don’t rely on it.